Salt / spice bowl

"Swing" salt / spice bowl with oak lid, design Carl&Carl

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Cast iron, wood, steel and organic rapeseed oil seasoning. Natural, simple and robust. With its natural non-stick surface that improves with age, our cast iron cookware is made to last, year after year, from generation to generation. Our production process is simple yet a demanding handicraft. Every cast iron object is cast in a unique sand mold which is separated after cooling. This process makes every Skeppshult product unique. Simply a proud piece of handicraft from the deep forests in Småland, southern Sweden

Made by hand in Sweden with 25 years cast iron guarantee
Lid in cork with silicone seal
Round bottom
Inside is treated with a black lacquer
Outside is treated with a black lacquer surface to avoid staining

Height 8 cm
Weight 1,15 kg
Article number 0072K

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