Why choose cast iron from Skeppshult?

The advantages of seasoned cast iron from Skeppshult are hard to ignore once you have expereinced them.

  • Good and even heat distribution
  • Works on all heat sources
  • Frying surface
  • Swedish made
  • Handmade, every product is unique
  • Long lifespan. 25 year guarantee
  • Only natural ingredients, and therefore totally recyclable
  • Gets better with use
  • Concave bottom
  • Use
  • Rinse the product with water before first use to get rid of possible dust
  • The pans can be used on all heat sources, including induction, open fire, and in the oven
  • The products withstand high heat and all types of kitchen utensils, including metal
  • Always fry with butter or oil in the pan- when the pan is well seasoned it won’t need much fat
  • Feel free to serve directly out of Skeppshult’s products, but don’t store food in cast iron
  • Do not place seasoned cast iron directly on delicate surfaces to avoid stains


Always wash your Skeppshult pans and stew pots by hand with hot water and without dishsoap. Do not use the dishwasher. Dry directly after; drying on a hot stove is suggested.

For a thourough cleaning of the plan, cover the inside of the pan with course salt. Warm up the pan on high temperature for 1-2 minutes, then dump the salt out and dry out the pan with paper. The product will have a gray appearnce, which means that it is ready to be seasoned with canola oil.

Dry the product and apply a thin layer (a few drops) of canola oil

Set the product on high heat on the stove or in the oven (products with wood accents can not be placed in the oven)

After 10-15 minutes the oil will be burned in and the product is usable again

If food remnants burn onto the pan, it can be cleaned with steel wool, and then seasoned with oil again.

Can produdcts from Skeppshult be used right away or to they need to be pre-treated?

All products from Skeppshult are ready for immediate use. No pre-treatment is necessary. A quick rinse in hot water to get rid of possible dust is recommended. All of Skeppshult’s products intended for cooking are seasoned with canola oil from Österlen. This process gives the products their black color and a natural non-stick protection, free from unpleasant plastic gasses that can be found in some coated pans.

Can Skeppshult’s products be used on induction cooktops?

Yes, Skeppshult’s cast iron products are well suited for induction stoves. Induction cook tops work though magnetism, which heats up a magnetic substance, such as iron or stainless steel that is placed on the cook top. Skeppshult’s cast iron with thick, lathed and solid iron bottoms are superior to thinner pans that cannot take up and distribute heat as well as Skeppshult’s cast iron.

Why isn’t the underside of the pan flat?

A correctly formed base is a household good’s most important component. The best cooking results require even heat distribution. For safety reasons, the item must also stand sturdily on today’s flat, ceramic cooking surfaces. If the base is not concave at the cold state, it becomes rounded when heated and teeters on the stove, resulting in poor heat distribution and greater risk for accidents. The concave bottom allows smaller particles to gather in the base structure, though not as big as a grain of salt. One grain of salt dragged over a cook top can damage it. Skeppshult’s bases are tested by professional cooks and leading stove manufactures and meet all requirements.

What is induction?

Induction means that a current is generated (induced) if a conductor is moved close to a magnetic field. For induction technology to work, the pan must be magnetic-- the more magnetic, the better. Skeppshult’s cast iron pans and stew pots are ideal for induction stoves and surfaces. Try it yourself and see how quickly it boils and how easy it is to control the temperature, compared with a plastic coated aluminum pan.