Deep pan 20 cm

Deep pan 20 cm - self-ventilating stainless steel handle & helper lip. Suitable for all heat sources.

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Cast iron, wood, steel and pre-seasoned canola oil; natural, simple, sturdy and compatible with all heat sources. Thanks to our high-quality iron and natural non-stick surface that gets better with age, our range of heirloom cookware is made to last from generation to generation. Our production in Skeppshult, southern Sweden, is straightforward yet dependent on the artisanal handicraft we have developed and passed down through generations since 1906.

 Made in Sweden with 25 year cast iron guarantee

Self-ventilating stainless steel handle

5 mm thick bottom gives even heat conduction and outstanding searing surface

Sits stable on the stovetop even at hot temperatures thanks to the precision milled concave bottom

Hand grinded edges around the pan

Cast iron lip acts as support handle

Works on all heat sources such as induction, gas, oven & open fire.

Natural non-stick surface made of seasoned organic canola oil

 Diameter 20 cm

Height 4 cm

Bottom diameter 16 cm

Weight 1,7 kg

Article number: 0002

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